Chamberlain University

Using Complio to Streamline Compliance Management

The Adtalem Global Education Group (formerly Devry Education Group) that we serve consists of 40,000 students checked per year, across all of the United States, within the following schools:




Unique Requirement Sets


When American DataBank was first introduced to Chamberlain University, they were facing a myriad of issues— incorrect documents being approved, a lack of reporting, three student tracking systems that weren’t speaking to one another, and multiple vendors that weren’t willing to compromise. 

The foundation of Chamberlain’s problems stemmed from their unique student life-cycle management process. Start dates occurred every 8 weeks for students across all 50 states, each having their own unique requirements that had to be met. Chamberlain was utilizing different systems with different capabilities for this process. Students’ information was difficult to manage being in various systems, and current compliance data could not be transitioned between those systems. They needed a streamlined, central platform to manage compliance. Chamberlain looked to Complio for accomplishing that goal. 



Complio was able to simplify student tracking and managing of compliance documents. Complio provides a unique set of customized reports that feed into Chamberlain’s internal system of record. We began with a staggered roll-out to campuses across the United States and determined what was working well and where we needed to improve any understanding gaps. With over 300 unique requirement sets in Chamberlain’s institution hierarchy, our Complio system offers the scalability necessary to accommodate their institutional growth and handle all of the unique and evolving requirements across each location and program.

Complio bridged the gap with multiple information systems such as Banner and SalesForce to feed student data from Banner to Complio via a secure API connection and push data from Complio to Salesforce. American DataBank developed the integration solution in a timely manner, allowing quick account creation and a streamlined data flow that works for Chamberlain University in the timeframe they require.  One of the big advantages to partnering with American DataBank was our flexibility to integrate with any software that they required to create a data flow that fulfilled their vision.



Upon successful implementation with on-campus students, American DataBank then moved into the online campus space with spectacular results. Student compliance is now centrally located, providing a user-friendly employee experience and higher student satisfaction. As a result, we built similar solutions for Adtalem’s other schools and integrated with clinical placement systems as requested. American DataBank is honored to be partnered with the Adtalem Global Education Group and we relish the opportunity to continue to push ourselves as an industry leader, offering cutting-edge technology and a drive to continually improve.