Drug Testing

Keep your organization safe from the repercussions of hiring a drug user. Complio will customize a drug screen panel to fit your needs. Leave it to Complio’s network of almost 14,000 collection sites across the US to administer your tests.

Having a drug testing policy boosts your reputation, fosters safety and security, increases productivity, and helps control both workers’ compensation and overall healthcare costs.


Of alcohol and drug users are employed.


Decrease in productivity in the workplace due to addiction.


Of workers report drinking during the work day.

Performing drug tests on your applicants, students, and staff demonstrates due diligence while mitigating negligent hiring risk. Reduce your liability for the actions of an employee who is under the influence.  

Complio streamlines the drug testing process for you, your colleagues, and your applicants by:


  1. Electronically registering applicants;
  2. Providing an online network to conveniently locate collection sites;
  3. Delivering the appropriate electronic custody and control form (CCF) to the applicant/donor;
  4. Reviewing the collected specimen by an AAMRO-certified medical review officer.

Our Drug Screening Specialists rigorously monitor your applicant’s testing progress from collection to reported results and are prepared to answer your questions. We are actively involved in industry associations such as the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) so we are best equipped to protect your organization.

Unlimited Drug Testing Options

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