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With our advanced, HIPAA-compliant enterprise system, managing screening and compliance initiatives has never been easier.

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Solve common compliance challenges while eliminating errors with our technologically advanced, built-in rule engine that’s configured to your requirements.

What we Accomplished in 2020:

Background Checks Conducted

Drug Screenings Conducted

Immunization Compliance

Background Screening

As a founding and accredited member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), American DataBank has utilized the most cutting edge technology and up-to-date sources of information since 1998 to provide the fastest and most accurate criminal reports. Complio streamlines the compliance process by housing everything (background checks, FBI fingerprints, drug screening, and immunization items) in one HIPAA-compliant system.

Immunization Compliance

Complio tracks and manages immunizations with a powerful rules-based engine that calculates and notifies you of compliance in real time. This powerful engine eliminates human error while increasing speed and accuracy – reducing your workload.

Clinical Rotation Management

Complio organizes, tracks, communicates, and shares clinical requirements and information in a single platform. It provides clinical sites the tools to update requirements systematically while giving administrators the confidence to successfully report on student, instructor, and preceptor compliance statuses. 

FBI Fingerprinting

Our strong relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation puts Complio in a unique position to take care of your fingerprinting needs. With consistent and clear status updates, you and your applicants will be informed of their fingerprint status throughout the entire process.

Drug Testing

Over 70% of Americans currently employed are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. Drug testing allows you to protect your organization from any employee, drug-related liability. Complio will customize a drug screen panel to fit your needs. Leave it to Complio’s network of almost 14,000 collection sites across the US to administer your tests.

Coronavirus Passport Program

As the world confronts the coronavirus pandemic, the problem facing many businesses, schools, and hospitals is primarily one of uncertainty. With only limited knowledge about Covid-19 to work with, and further hindered by a nationwide shortage of available testing, employers and administrators are left with the difficult task of assessing their applicants and staff, and determining how and when to safely bring people back to work.

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