Management of Immunization and Health Records

Complio tracks and manages immunizations and other requirements with a two-step approach. Our highly trained review team is supported by our powerful rules-based engine that calculates compliance in real time. The rule engine eliminates human error while increasing speed and accuracy and reducing your workload. Easily keep your students, instructors, and preceptors on track and prepared for their clinical experience!

Why Complio is Different

Algorithmic Approach

Eliminate human error.
Our advanced algorithm captures the exact data you require, while automatically applying your rules to achieve compliance. Our system is configured to calculate what most companies rely on human review to accomplish. This means faster, more accurate review and higher rates of compliance. 

Customized For You

Each institution is different. In Complio, everything from requirements, to student notifications, to due dates can all be customized. We enhance our system regularly to make sure you have the tools needed for success.

Advanced Reporting

At no additional cost, Complio provides various reporting tools for compliance management purposes. Complio contains a wide array of more than 20 out-of-the-box reports. With filters available, from high-level compliance overviews to detailed, category-specific you, have the ability to create your own custom reports. All reports in Complio can be customized and exported for easy auditing.

Streamlined Compliance Processes



The system is configured based on your specific requirements. Requirements are communicated in several different ways, and as changes are made, the system automatically updates compliance statuses and notifies students.


Students, instructors, or preceptors upload compliance documentation, associate the document to a particular requirement, and input necessary information all within a user-friendly portal.


We know how important it is to meet compliance deadlines. Our team has the knowledge-base and Complio’s patented rules engine to ensure fair and consistent document review in a timely manner.


It’s that easy! For a system as robust as Complio, the compliance process is astonishingly simple and straightforward for students and administrators alike.


Our HIPAA-compliant system allows you to safely and securely share compliance statuses with any interested third party, such as the clinical site(s).


With a system that offers a quick way to audit compliance and a multitude of reporting options, Complio lets you know who is compliant at any given time. With custom notifications, students, instructors, and preceptors are always up-to-date on what is required of them.

Rules Based Compliance Engine

Our custom rules-based engine uses advanced, systematic algorithms to perform data calculations, data processing, and automated reasoning for compliance requirements. This reliable software is capable of handling all of your requirements of varying levels of complexity. Explore some of the features below.

Endless Compliance Paths

Complio systematically configures multiple paths to compliance to meet the institution requirements. Unique Paths to Compliance allows administrators to create custom rules to accommodate complex requirements. A rule can have a few paths or many. The Tuberculosis category, for example, can have more than a dozen paths to compliance based on a PPD, Quantiferon, Chest X-Ray, and annual requirements like a TB Screening Form. Our systematic approach to compliance paths is unmatched and provides consistent accuracy based on the pre-defined requirements.

Smart Expirations

In Complio, we have developed the ability to incorporate several types of expirations: standard, specific date, and custom date. Smart Expirations work well with time-sensitive immunizations and documents. Smart Expirations ensure that a document is not compliant beyond its set expiration. By activating these rules, clients can trust Complio to keep documentation up to date.

-Automatic Expiration Notifications-

All expiration dates trigger automatic notifications at default timelines: 60/30/15/7 days before the item is to expire. These notifications are easily customizable to dates preferred by the school. Timely communication to students, instructors, and preceptors helps remind them of upcoming expirations and allows them to arrange the renewal of any requirement.

Correlated Attributes

Complio has successfully developed the ability to capture key information and cross reference this data versus other data to ensure that even the most complex rules can be configured on Complio. Correlated Attributes are best implemented for items that are contingent on other information.

This function will restrict the input of information that does not meet the requirements. Many complex requirements are configured in Complio using the Correlated Attribute function. It assists administrators in capturing only information that meets their requirements, ensures the integrity of their data, and keeps students informed of best practices all within one convenient, online portal.  

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