Clinical Rotation Management

Complio organizes, tracks, communicates, and shares clinical requirements and information from a single platform. It provides hospitals and clinical sites the tools to update requirements systematically while giving administrators the confidence to successfully report on incoming applicants, students, instructors, and preceptors. Complio can integrate with your Clinical Placement System to streamline compliance data for clinical onboarding. The system monitors compliance before registering an applicant for a rotation and, once that applicant is compliant and registered, you will be able to track their status for a given agency. 


Most schools struggle to streamline the clinical rotation process while maintaining all of their students, documents, and requirements. We are here to simplify that process.

Profile Sharing

Complio allows students, instructors, preceptors, and administrators to share summary reports and proof of documentation with third party agencies. Users can limit the number of times and the time frame for when that information can be accessed.

Auto Compliance Mapping

Complio’s compliance mapping feature tracks identical requirements and documents between the school and agency, eliminating redundant document submissions and simplifying the review process for schools and healthcare agencies.


Complio provides you with a consistent method of receiving and reviewing pertinent information in an accessible and HIPAA-compliant format.

Auto Attestation

Complio automatically creates attestation forms with digital signatures, keeping your workflow paperless and instantaneous.

Partnering agencies benefit from Complio too! Customize your requirements even if they differ from the school a student attends. Have instant, easy access to a variety of reports.

Contract Management

Keep track of contracts, such as affiliation agreements. Manage start and end dates, receive notifications of upcoming expiration and renewal dates. Maintain the history of changes made.


Instantly retrieve student, instructor, and preceptor compliance information, their location within a facility, and attestations.

Electronic Agreements

View and store electronic copies of agreements, contacts related to the contract, and define sites associated with each contract.

Single Sign On

Compliance documents, information, and reports are stored within one system, which allows for easy, secure access, without compromising the integrity of the data.

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