COVID-19 Compliance Management Solutions

Data collection and reporting to help flatten the curve.

While there are many uncertainties and unavoidable challenges during this unprecedented time, Complio has features readily available for your compliance management needs.

Updating what is tracked among your students and staff in the midst of a pandemic can further help all of our communities stay safe and transparent in communications.


Data Collection:

Common symptoms of COVID-19 and travel questionnaires can be easily tracked in Complio. Online learning modules are readily available and include topics such as hygiene and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment. Training videos can be configured so that students must watch it in its entirety in order to gain compliance. Attestation forms – essential to liability – can be electronically signed directly in Complio and securely housed. Have students or staff attest that to their knowledge they haven’t been in contact with COVID-19 patients, for example.

Reporting of Information:

Reports can be instantaneously ran by administrators 24/7, showing real-time statuses and details. Stay on top of individuals who might be carriers and are in non-compliance. This also makes for easy auditing, both from external and internal requests.

Quick Notifications:

Transparent, fast communication is key during a pandemic. Complio offers notifications sent in real-time. Individuals immediately get notified when and of why they become non-compliant. Administrators, if desired to, can also receive real-time notifications when individuals lose compliance. Send mass emails regarding individuals, rotations, or institutions directly from your dashboard.

Customizable Requirements:

Your institution can customize its own set of compliance requirements. For example, if an individual has a fever, Complio can indicate a given number of days (ie 14) for non-compliance in which they cannot be on-site. You may follow CDC guidelines or expand upon those based on your needs.


The CP Program is designed to provide aggregates of sortable information to entities such as government agencies, hospitals, schools, and selected private employers. The CP Program allows those entities to develop a customized immunity testing program based on their own compliance rules and standards – which can easily be revised as Coronavirus research and knowledge evolves.

Participating individuals who create a Coronavirus Passport would work with our expert Client Success and Project Management teams to refine the data they wish to track for their students. Below are some ideas of information we could track as part of the Coronavirus Passport:

For Schools…

Did you know that Complio offers a program for compiling and tracking Coronavirus data nationwide in a way that will facilitate both back-to-rotation decision and epidemiology/health-policy decisions? The Complio Coronavirus Passport (CP) Program creates a digital record, or Passport, containing multiple categories of information that are relevant to the individual’s ability to return to rotations and the institution’s ability to develop effective COVID-19 management policies. Clients taking advantage of our CP Program will also be able to leverage Complio’s extensive, real-time notification system to communicate this information to their partners as soon as possible.

  • Antibody Test Results: Prior Coronavirus Tests, Frequency and Results (usually done by nose or throat swab)
  • COVID-19 Symptom History: Date, Severity, (mild, moderate or high), or Duration of Symptom
  • Travel, Distancing and Hygiene: Report travel outside of current location, Report Distancing & Hygiene Practices
  • Immunity Status: Report if you are diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Contagious Status: Report if individuals in your close proximity are diagnosed with COVID-19

& Employers!

Our Complio web-based system allows you to track and manage your employee’s vaccination records, ensuring the health and safety of your staff, as well as the company’s liability. American DataBank is FCRA and HIPAA compliant, so you can trust in our accuracy and privacy, especially during a time of uncertainty.

Already utilized by over 2,000 higher education institutions and agencies in the healthcare industry, we maintain speed and validity with our two-step approach. Our rules-based engine calculates compliance data in real-time. For example, if an employee indicates they’ve had a fever, our system will notify you of non-compliance instantaneously. If a document needs further review, our in-house compliance agents are highly trained as a second set of eyes. Reports can be run in real-time, offering a safeguard for any internal or external audit requests.

Do you need secure document housing for your employees’ health records? Perhaps you’re considering safety and hygiene online training courses for your staff? An electronic signature attesting to non-exposure may be required. We can customize and accommodate to your organization’s requirements.

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