Complio’s Additional Features

Complete. Compliant. Complio.


Complio is equipped with over 150 different notification options tied to various actions in the system. This provides immediate communication to your applicants, students, and staff. Notifications can be sent for upcoming deadlines, expirations, next steps etc. If our current notifications don’t meet your needs, we can customize them accordingly. With consistent, clear communication, everyone remains up-to-date with compliance requirements. 


Our E-learning modules, such as HIPAA/OSHA certifications, focus on the compliance and development training needs of organizations in diverse industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education and services.

E-Signatures & Fillable PDF Forms

With E-signing and fillable PDF forms, Complio has the technological capabilities to have your students and applicants complete forms right within their secure account. This method saves time and helps ensure the documents are completed in full.


Variable Ordering & Payment Methods

The Complio system offers multiple methods of order submission, based upon the needs of the institution. Orders can be placed by applicants/students, but they can also be placed directly by administrators. Payment methods are flexible as well including electronic credit/debit card at the time of the order, money order, or invoiced to the institution. Invoices can be designated at granular levels as well, such as by department or program.

Custom Splash Page

We create a custom splash pages for each of our clients which incorporates appropriate colors and logos. The institution-specific website is easily recognizable to your applicant and/or students and directs them to our Complio system so that they can drive the ordering/compliance process. This page will contain not only a link to our compliance management system but also any pertinent information you would like to convey to applicants and students to help breakdown the process. There is no cost for the creation and maintenance of each custom splash page.

Lifetime Access

We provide applicants lifetime access to our system as they graduate and become professionals in the field, affording them easy access to their immunizations, certifications, and background screening results.

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