Electronically streamline the clinical compliance process with one HIPAA-compliant system. Used by hundreds of educational institutions and clinical agencies, Complio helps your students and administrators maintain any and all requirements throughout the length of the program.

See How Complio Revolutionizes Compliance Tracking

Complio solves common compliance challenges with streamlined document collection and a technologically advanced rule engine that automatically resolves a student’s compliance.

Background Screening

Complio electronically tracks the progress of the screening process so you and your colleagues know where your applicants are at each step of the way. Complio generates timely notifications and produces customized reports, ensuring you are the first to know the status of your applicant’s background screening.


American DataBank’s strong relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and sister company, American BioIdentity, puts Complio in a unique position to take care of your fingerprinting needs. We offer customized and streamlined solutions for campuses, programs, and departments.

Clinical Onboarding

Complio provides students all they need for their clinical onboarding experience, and allows institutions to host and manage site-specific forms, videos, quizzes, and other requirements required for your student’s clinical rotations. 

Contract Management

Manage your affilitation agreements using our contract management tool. Track the end date and set up reminder notifications for renewals. 

Drug Testing

 Complio simplifies the clinical onboarding process by allowing you to communicate, monitor, and share specific requirements in real-time. Assign students and instructors/preceptors to a rotation and organize student data electronically and efficiently.

Integration Capabilities

Our Complio system offers a variety of integration solutions to fit your organization’s technology and needs. Our system can be integrated with your current platform(s) to allow seamless data and information transfer. Deploying a Single Sign-On integration with our system offers access to screening results, immunization tracking, and clinical requirements all in one place.

Health Records

Our Complio system helps you manage much more than just compliance with immunization requirements. Track the progress of all health-related compliance requirements such as physicals, health and malpractice insurance, CPR certifications, and other health records. 

Immunization Tracking

Complio tracks immunizations utilizing a one-of-a-kind algorithm to identify and comply with your unique requirements. Complio is fully customizable to your organization’s specific needs. Eliminate human error and ensure accuracy with our immunization tracking feature.


Technology Advanced Enough to Handle Even Your Most Complex Requirements.

Rule Engine

Automated & powerful rules-based engine built into the system. Advanced algorithms electronically perform data calculations from immunizations as simple as the Flu vaccine to the most complex CDC guidelines.

Profile Sharing

Allows for applicants and school administrators to share summary reports and/or actual documentation with third party agencies. Additionally, users can limit the number of times the third party is allowed to access the information and can limit the time frame for when that information can be accessed.

Single Sign-On

Compliance documents, information, and reports are stored within the one system, which allows for easy, secure access, without compromising the integrity of the data.


Instant, real-time reporting generated within the system by your administrators or by our staff. You can create reports of where applicants are in the background check process as well as their compliance status. All grids within Complio can be customized to your needs and downloaded.

Lifetime Access

We provide applicants lifetime access to our system as they graduate and become professionals in the field, affording them easy access to their immunizations, certifications, and background screening results.


Complio system configuration allows for tier-based rules. This means that the system can apply a unique set of rules to individual users within certain departments, going to specific clinical sites, and so on. Each institution can have up to 10 hierarchical levels and use an unlimited number of rule sets.


Utilizes Amazon’s AWS/HIPAA compliant servers for its cloud environment and increased security.

Audit Ready

Instantaneously retrieve student and instructor compliance information, their location within a facility, and attestations.

Exceptions Handling

Complio handles exceptions to your rules for applicants with ease, notifying you and your applicant of the status each step of the way.

Accessible Help

24/7 access to Complio with online tutorial videos, help guides, and accessible customer service representatives.

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